Crystal Shores is an Association of 88 condo’s located directly on the Gulf Shores coastline. Each unit is individually owned and those available for rent are the responsibility of the Owner and/or their Rental Management Company as appropriate. The services/features/amenities provided within a specific unit are those of the Owner of that unit and should not be removed or taken to any other unit. Likewise the responsibility for any operational issues and/or condition of items (including cleanliness) of a particular unit is a concern between the guests and the owner/Rental Management Company of that unit.

Crystal Shore’s Common Areas are for the SHARED USE of all Owners and Registered Guests of Crystal Shores. These Rules and Regulations are in place to insure that ALL Owners and Registered Guests are able to enjoy a safe, pleasant, and comfortable stay while at Crystal Shores. Your consideration of other Owners and Registered Guests and your cooperation in following all of the Rules and Regulations is greatly appreciated in all of the Common Areas of the property.

Building Management – Kaiser Realty by Wyndham Vacation Rentals

The Crystal Shores Association has contracted with Kaiser to be responsible for maintaining the Common Areas of Crystal Shores for the Association. Kaiser has employees clearly identifiable on the property 7 days a week. Any issue with any COMMON AREA elements can be reported to those employees directly or you may contact Kaiser’s office (251.981.9711). Issues related to anything to do inside of the unit (including locks to the unit) are the responsibility of the Owner and/or their Rental Management Company.

Security – Inner Parish Security Company (IPSC) has been contracted via Kaiser to provide security for the Crystal Shores Association. IPSC personnel when on the property will be in a clearly identifiable uniform. They are there for you protection as well as to insure that all Owners and Guests are in compliance with the Crystal Shores Rules and Regulations to make sure everyone on the property is able to enjoy their time at Crystal Shores.

Please comply with their requests while in the Common Areas of the facility. They will not provide security/assistance inside of the units as those are privately owned by individuals.

Contacted Security at: 251-979-9955

Gulf Shores Police Department – The GSPD have jurisdiction at Crystal Shores and all Owners and Registered Guests are subject to all the ordinances of the City of Gulf Shores. For instance a minor in possession of alcohol at Crystal Shores is subject to arrest by GSPD anywhere in the municipality of Gulf Shores including private and Common Areas of Crystal Shores. Fireworks (Flammable/explosive items) are not allowed on the property of Crystal Shores nor is their use allowed on the beaches of Gulf Shores.

Pets – Only Owners of pets are allowed at Crystal Shores. Any Owner of a pet MUST register that pet with Kaiser AND any time that pet is outside of the Owners unit it MUST be under the direct control of the Owner via a Crystal Shores Leash (so that Security will not ask you to remove the pet from property). Crystal Shore leashes are available for purchase by Owners from the Kaiser Association Offices located in Summer Chase in Orange Beach. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet with bags and a dog walk area located on the East side of the building. Pets that are deemed a nuisance will be reported to the Owner who is responsible for removing the pet from the property with 72 hours of notice from the Board. Owners are solely liable for any and all actions of their pets. Owners are reminded any pet seen on the Beach in Gulf Shores is subject to a $500 fine for a first time offense.

Registered Guests and/or Visitors are not allowed to bring any pets onto the property at any time EXCEPT for registered Service Dogs.

Parking – Guest Registration Certificates (GRC’s) or an Owner ID are required to be completely filled out as well as visibly displayed on the front windshield of any vehicle parked overnight at Crystal Shores.


Buses, RV’s, trailers, Boats, commercial vehicles, or oversize vehicles unable to fit inside of a single parking space overnight at Crystal Shores.

Parking in a marked RESERVED space (on pavement and/or parking stop identified with a number) are deeded to a specific unit. Anyone parking in a RESERVED space not authorized to park in that particular space is subject to immediate towing as authorized by the Owner and/or Registered Guest of that unit.

Motorcycles are allowed at Crystal Shore provided there is one valid GRC per parking space visible. More than 1 motorcycle is allowed per parking space provided at least one motorcycle has a proper Owner ID and/or GRC displayed.

No more than 2 parking spaces can be occupied by and Owner ID and/or GRC per unit at any time.

Neither Crystal Shores nor the Owners are responsible for ANY subsequent damage to ANY vehicle while parked at Crystal Shores. Owners and Registered Guests park at Crystal Shores at their own risk.

Hours of Operation

Crystal Shores is accessible to Owners and Guests 24 hours a day 365 days a year unless the building is closed due to an emergency/evacuation. Common Areas are however NOT open 24 hours a day.

Pool & Outdoor Spa/Hot Tub Available everyday 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

Workout/Lobby/Game Rooms Available everyday 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM.